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Complete Eyecare

Your eye examination consists of various tests to evaluate the health of your eyes and to determine the prescription lenses needed for the best possible sight. We want you to know that our office will refer any patient to the appropriate specialist if we detect or suspect any pathology or visual problems treated by us.

The doctors and staff are committed to providing excellence in eyecare. We are constantly investing in new “high tech” instrumentation to allow us to serve you better. In our office you will find computerized auto-refractor, and visual field perimeter. We offer photography of both the back and front of the eye, through retinal fundus photography and slit-lamp imaging systems. To assist us in the complete care of our contact lens patients, we utilize corneal topography to map the eye’s front surface.

When should you have the next eye examination?

Many people equate the need for an eye examination with replacing their eyeglasses. While it’s certainly important to see well, undesirable changes in your eyes can occur which do not adversely affect vision in the early stages. Unlike the rest of your body, your eyes rarely hurt when something is wrong. Do not rely on changes in your vision or broken glasses to remind you of your next appointment. Follow the advice of experts, and have your eyes examined on a regular basis.

Digital Retinal Imaging

Our office is committed to provide the best patient care possible. In order to continue with this philosophy we have invested in one of the latest technological innovations. This new technology combines retinal photography with computerized digital imaging. This allows instant viewing of retinal images by both the doctor and the patient without the use of dilation drops. These images serve a dual purpose: first for documenting any existing eye disease and second for establishing baseline images to compare against any future possible changes.

This method of examining and documenting the retina is incredibly more detailed and accurate than the conventional drawing method still in use by clinics that choose not to offer this new technology. We believe baseline images will promote earlier diagnosis of many abnormal vision conditions, many of which can lead to permanent visual loss if not caught and treated in a timely manner.

Medical insurance companies will reimburse for this procedure only when there is an existing eye disease. Our baseline screening imaging (when no disease is present) is $29.00. We are very excited about the results in this new technology and highly recommend Digital Retinal Imaging as an optional addition to your exam .

Corneal Refractive Therapy

What is Paragon CRT?

Paragon CRT is a specially designed oxygen permeable therapeutic contact lens used in Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT).

What is CRT?

Corneal Refractive Therapy is a technologically advanced, non-invasive, non-surgical process, which reshapes the cornea while you sleep. You remove the lenses when you awake and are able to go throughout the day without any other correction.

Is Paragon CRT new?

While, contact lens corneal reshaping is not a new concept, Paragon CRT is the one corneal reshaping modality with proven safety and efficacy and the first to earn FDA approval for nighttime Corneal Refractive Therapy. If you are skeptical about the long term effects of LASIK refractive surgery consider Paragon CRT as a safe effective alternative. For more information click to visit Paragon’s website: Paragon CRT


It is an acronym for laser in situ keratomileusis, which means to reshape the cornea without disturbing the adjoining tissue. Translation of these Greek words: in situ means “in the natural or normal place,” kerato means “cornea,” and mileusis means “to shape.”

Surgeons use a tiny high-precision instrument called a microkeratome to separate the layers of corneal tissue and create a thin flap on the surface of the eye. This flap is folded back and the excimer laser is guided to gently reshape the underlying tissue. The corneal flap is replaced leaving the eye almost untouched. The cornea’s new shape is what improves vision. The quality of the corneal flap is crucial to minimizing complications and achieving excellent results. Many surgeons recognize that creating an exceptional high quality flap is 80% of the procedure’s success.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry, Red, Itchy, Burning, Watery or Sensitive Eyes?

If there are not enough lubricating tears on the surface of your eyes, you may experience dry eye symptoms such as dry, red, itchy, burning or watery eyes, irritation and pain. Tear related problems are the most common medical reason people visit eye doctors.

Herrick Lacrimal Plugs

Herrick Plugs are small, non-dissolvable lacrimal plugs which may provide long term relief from dry eye symptoms. Our doctors can insert these plugs in a matter of seconds during an office visit. After placement, the plugs cannot be seen, won’t rub out or scratch your cornea, usually are not felt, and are removable. Why suffer any longer? Worldwide, more than one million people have been treated with dissolvable and non-dissolvable lacrimal or punctum plugs. Join the growing number of people who have chosen lacrimal occlusion to overcome their dry eye symptoms.

Low Vision Services

Low Vision Services: People who have lost eyesight due to injuries or eye disease need special types of products to help them function as independently as possible. We offer a full range of these products through our office. Our para-
optometric staff is trained to demonstrate the use of some of these devices. They range all the way from a simple hand magnifier to a closed circuit TV system.
In addition, we can direct those who have low vision problems to products that will help them carry on the day-to-day tasks that they need to perform. In some cases we can set up a program for the low vision patient with the National Library of Congress to receive “books on tapes”, which is a service for the blind.

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